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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


We've all seen or heard of extreme couponing right?!?!? They are my HEROS!! Total ROCKSTARS!!! How DO THEY DO IT?!?! I think it's gotta be a full time job! Checking sales ads, cutting coupons, checking the ads against your coupons - it's like a grown up version of the  memory game (I kinda like it actually). I FINALLY got a taste of what it feels like....

I picked up these 11 items (colgate optic white toothpaste - my fave, puffs kleenex {allergy season is upon us with cold season not far behind} 2 old spice large shower gels, 2 febreeze sprays, a small dawn dish soap{again a PERSONAL prefernce} a roll of papertowels, a pair of pantyhose {for my mom} and 2 pairs of much do YOU think all this cost?!?!

BOOM! Pre-tax $8.46 with tax $10.34
I LOVE couponing at CVS.....I earn rewards on groceries (which I believe I had $3.00 here), I got $3.00 for signing up for the phone app and I used manufacturer coupons for the shower gel, the dish soap, toothpaste and the febreeze products (a lot of times the coupons offered in Sunday's paper will correspond with sales at various retailers....Sometimes you buy things simply because they are economical (such as the paper towels - the roll was highlighted for $1.25 and with my CVS card I got .75 off SO I paid .50 for this particular roll of paper towels - pretty good deal considering paper towels sell for at LEAST $1.00/roll.
I am relatively *NEW* to this couponing thang SO if YOU have any favorites, tips or tricks, I'd LOVE to hear about them!! Leave me a comment so I can check out your website!

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