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Monday, September 28, 2015


You know when it's in your blood....the hunt and gather process, taking nothings and making them into somethings, going from one lone ranger to a COLLECTION (ya know because you have more than one!!), making, creating and seeing things with new eyes. THAT is this lil mind of mine....2 weeks ago I was a vendor at #thepecthing and it was as FUN as it always is (until clean up time)....

After day 1 and sell thru of a few items it's always time to re-arrange and keep things FRESH for day 2

I sold quite a bit and came home with more than I had hoped I would BUT in all fairness I took and took and took until the cows came home....because the more I bring the better chance I have of selling   it - right?!??!? I had all my jingle bells in the cart for the Holidazzle Event BUT there's a waiting list...SO if anyone has an in at #winnebagocountyfairgrounds that would be AWESOME!!! My bestie and I wanna get our holidazzle groove on!

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