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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to SCHOOL (Fall) Mantle

Backpacks and lunchbags, folders and notebooks, pencils and homework, Cooler crisp morning and evenings....this segues into my favorite time of year!(fall, not shipping the kids off to school ALTHOUGH we are in a much better schedule now that school has started!). BUT, that means it's time to swap the seashells and sailboats, lighthouses and sand.....and take this....

To THIS.....

There are so many elements I LOVE about this display! The granny smith apple COLOR allows me to have the fall-ish look while still being FRESH and LIGHT and still have a back to school display with the apples. The juxtaposition of the woodsy browns and lighter green, the burlap and glass. Now where did I get my granny smith apple wreath you ask? At Target last year AFTER Christmas for a few dollars. BUT, it looked like this......

Here in blog paradise if it don't move, we're spray painting it, right girls?!?! SO, I figured why not try to spray paint the wreath? I didn't remove it from the grapevine (it was too time consuming and in the end mattered NOT) I just began spraying several light coats. I L O V E the way it came out!
Come time to decorate for fall in a couple of weeks, I will simply add my silver glitter maple leaves (maybe as a garland) a few white pumpkins, maybe some zebra pumpkins....I wanted something a lil different this fall and I think I found it!

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