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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Last weekend we celebrated my daughter's birthday....HER chosen theme - Pretty in Pink. I KNOW a bunch of you girls out there would have this one in THE BAG! If it were Lime green, that'd be my ace in the hole BUT pink, that was tough for me. Here's what I came up with....

These beautiful pink roses(that I couldn't find any filers for at the store and my garden at the new house was just started this summer SO that left very little for me to cut. LUCKILY I had my lime green and plum coleus and think it was a FAB combo).

Couldn't resist doing a lil' pink candy bar (the irony is there were only a few kids there). See that lil pink cake? Wal-Mart! Who knew?!?! it was a petite lil strawberry pink cake with strawberry jelly filling. I thought it would be fine on a regular cake plate - no such looked so small. Uh-oh, what to do at the last minute? No worries, I flipped a vintage dessert glass upside down and hot glued a glass plate to it and VIOLA! A mini-cake stand (I SHOULD have taken pics of this BUT wanted to be sure they would come apart before I bragged (I mean blogged) about it! It did come off ONLY after soaking in water overnight. So moral of the story, don't be afraid to try something new!!

Penants have become a party staple! What started out like this (again a STRETCH for me as pink isn't something I have on hand...I bought the pink glitter ones special for the party BUT that by itself would've been boring....
And here they are on the mantle! I LOVE the way the mantle turned out....simple, pretty and elegant (just like my girl!). I made one of the ballon wreaths I've seen all over blogland (NOTE TO FUTURE balloon wreath makers: IF you are looking to do a color theme vs. mutli Wal-Mart sells bags of one color ranging the rainbow. I learned this the HARD way after purchasing 4 bags of multi and still needing another 3 bags of pinks) the silhouette I cranked out the night before the party (never mind that I have had the materials on hand for almost a year)

I know what I did was nothing over the top OR nearly as good as some of the parties posted on blogs BUT what I wanted to let you y'all know is that with a lil creativity you can pull off a GREAT party!


sugar Creek said...

Great job! Everytime I hear pretty in pink I think of the movie Pretty in Pink with Molie Ringwald in it! Love that movie!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

what an adorable girls birthday!! you did a fab job friend:)