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Friday, September 3, 2010

Enter as Strangers, Leave as FRIENDS

You may or may not know that I have my own boutique...and in the course of my days at the store, people come and go....I make an effort to extend a greeting to all who enter(as I appreciate them taking a few moments to stop in), some exchange only a few words (and that's ok...not everyone is a chatty Kathy like me and I can respect that) and others we strike up full blown conversations, share life's tales....this post is about once such instance. I met Jodi a couple months ago and at that time she mentioned she might have a few things she was getting rid of and might I be interested....HELLO! This was a girl who GOT ME...knew I LOVED taking a tattered gem in the rough to a treasure....

So she allowed me into the home that was soon to be burned (as practice for the Fire Department) and told me to choose whatever my lil heart desired. In fact her nice hubby even pulled molding right off the doorways for me (thank you Rich). I really wish I would have gotten a picture with Jodi and Rich (maybe when we all go out for dinner)

BUT here is a pic of a partial part of our haul....(I am SO BAD at remembering to take pics in the moment....we had already hauled several pieces of furniture in and I said STOP! We need a pic). I must also say my guy is N O T a junker, doesn't get it and doesn't care to revive it...BUT he loves me enough to get the truck, come and help me haul my new to me treasures and unload them (thanks baby!)

It's like a Where's Waldo picture! Can you spot what's in the box?

Stay tuned for the full unveiling of this FAB lil beauty!

If you're in the Midwest get out and enjoy the WONDERFUL weather the weekend has to offer!!

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