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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I made this for the kids for breakfast today....a SWEET way to start the day :)

Breakfast looked like this.....BUT everything is better with CHOCOLATE, no?

Today I went shopping for Valentine's for the kids and after looking at countless stuffed animals, craft and projects galore, it HIT ME! I should get them each their own beta fish (she got pink and he got blue) something they will have longer that a craft, won't send them to the dentist AND something that keeps on giving (providing they don't drop dead in a few days). AND the best part is, each one only cost around $7.00 (which includes the fish, a dish, decorative stones and food). I'll let ya know how my brainstorm went over! Hope y'all have a HAPPY Special day with those ya love!

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Julie said...

Yummo! Look how cute you are! I can't wait until Jake "gets it" so I can do fun stuff like that. Thanks for the ideas!