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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WIWW T-Shirts

Visit for WIWW posts! I swear, you get the BEST ideas there! It's like a fashion magazine BUT 100's of looks every week!
My look today was actually inspired by one of my girls (DEE)....A sweater with a FUNKY fun t-shirt....who'da thunk it?

I ALWAYS wear my cardi's with a tank or plain t-shirt WHICH can look stuffy IF not accessorized well....I have to tell ya, I am feeling GOOD today! (and I know Ugg's aren't the sexiest shoe known to man BUT it's only 4 degrees here today and I wanna be warm and comfy).

Hat - Target (last season)
Grey and Black Leopard Cardi - Lane Bryant
Black Varsity Sequin T - Rue 21
Jeans - Maurices (which are actually cropped jeans BUT when there's snow on the ground I like my pants ABOVE my boots so they don't get wet)
Boots - UGGS (RIP poor Ugg's, this is your last season)
Lil better clear-er picture....I NEED a tripod and one of those fancy remote picture taker things....

THIS OUTFIT was inspired by 2 different WIWW post last week (I will try to look it up and tell ya who they were and where you can find them)....OK, I found them....the denim skirt / legging/fleece came from here Merely Authentic and she wore it like this....

NOW I must preface this pic by saying I DO NOT think i am some kinda supermodel....I was just having fun!

This was the first day I was out after the 15" of snow we got!

Plum Vest - Walmart (several years ago)
Black Fleece - Target (LAST WEEK and SO CHEAP only $4.98)
Denim Skirt - Thrifted (CUT OFF by moi)
Black Leggings - TJ Maxx
FUn Furry Boots - Coach
Oooh, she peeled a layer off! (the only thing I lost was the vest)
And VIOLA! ANOTHER FUN look I NEVER would've thought of! A t-shirt with a skirt and and casual!

NY T-shirt - Street Vendor this past fall (I DID cut the neck though)


Julie said...

Girl, you are too big city for a small town! Look at you and your sassy glasses, hat and leopard print! Love the NY shirt too :)

Debbiedoos said...

You are sporting those boots! I have a tripod and love it. Hey I see you are new to blogging. I have a newbie linky party every Monday and I would love for you to join in...great way to meet new gals. I signed up as a new friend today, hope you do the same..

Meredith said...

Thanks for featuring my outfit and using it as inspiration. I like your version of the look too! Graphic tee and jean skirt just look so comfortable and cool. I'm looking forward to more outfits from you!