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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Stop by Lindsey's blog For what I wore Wednesday!

A couple weeks ago I did a post that was mostly lace....last week I picked up this FAB francois-ish inspired t with a Lace panel....LOVE! For any of you seamstresses out there, YOU can make this yourself!

Black and White Stripe Lace T - Maurice's $24.50 (NEW IN THEIR SPRING LINE)
If you're from the Midwest you KNOW we are FINALLY in a thaw! Temps in the 30's and melting snow -HOORAY! I can bus tout my FAB leopard jacket I got last fall!
AND wear heels again!!

WIth my heels on I was too TALL for the mirror!

Stripe Shirt - Thrifted
Black Sweater Vest - Anthro
Black Cargo Leggings - Lane Bryant
Black Heel Booties - Kmart on-line (3 yrs ago AFTER seeing them on several fashion blogs)
Pearls - Vintage (great Aunt's)
Black Rose Necklace - Dots

The next ensemble was last Thursdays LOTD (Look Of The Day). The grey t-shirt was big, which prohibited me from wearing it....was inches from the donate pile BUT then it occurred to me to re-purpose it....(You'll see below)

Teal Cardi - Don't remember....
Grey L/S T-shirt - Target
Jeans - Seven (MY FAVES) Marshall's
Vintage Rhinestone Necklace - Thrifted

I cut the shirt up each side and then cut strips that were about 2" long and 1" apart and knotted them (I didn't invent this...Em did and I'll try to find the link)
SEE, cute lil knots....this would be sweet and sexy come summer! BUT in keeping it real, this t-shirt didn't have enough lycra or somethin' because it was still a lil loose and the knots weren't uber tight BUT that's ok....I was able to repurpose something that was headed to goodwill AND even IF I don't wear it during daylight again, it's a GREAT sleep shirt! Off to check out what y'all wore!


Julie said...

Oooh, love the knotting idea, cute! And good for you in those heels, I'd break my ankles!

Object of Maya*ffection said...

Thanks! Those were the heels that bruised Kathy's foot!

Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

I love that striped top with the lace, and the vintage rhinestone necklace is excellent!

rindercella @ neatheringourfest said...

Thanks for stopping by! My favorite is the second outfit and i LOVE your hair! :)

Liz, M&M Monogramming said...

Thanks for visiting me today! LOVE the gray boots! I DO have a website, and the monogram necklace should be on there by the weekend...I love it too, just got mine! (of course we ship!) :)

Nicole said...

I LOVE that leopard coat! Great striped shirt with lace too! Not many Maurices out this way (in NC) but when we go to Missouri once a year I shop there. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! WIWW is so much fun!

Courtney and Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love that shirt idea...thanks for sharing. Your outfits are very cute...I need to pull out my heels and wear them one day!


Deborah said...

Fun idea with the knots - yay heels!