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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Since today is February 1st how about we talk about Valentine's decor? I decorate for most every kids LOVE it....if it's not done, my 5yr old lil guy asks about it...SO without further adieu.....

Kitchen window....a lil collection of a few of my favorite things....I LOVE the Virgin Mary statues I have there....reminds me to take a lil time for reflection (while doing the dishes)

And while we are in the kitchen, I'd like to highlight my menu board....I have had this hanging since summer and it has been the topic of several conversations lately (one of my daughters friends went home and told her mom THEY need a menu board! I'm amazed an 11 yr old even noticed that!!). I simply made it using chalkboard spray paint and painting over the lovely meadow picture that was in this AWESOME frame!

I have done a few lil projects (it's kinda hard to spray paint in snow and 20 degrees...the paint takes FOREVAH to dry!). I bought this sweet lil heart wreath over the summer....for .49 at the Salvation Army - UNBELIEVABLE, no? I had planned to leave it in it's natural state BUT it just didn't look right with my other non-traditional colored Valentine decor....

SO, of course that was cured by a few quick sprays of Granny Smith Green.....

It looks completely different right? OF course NO decor would be complete without a lil (tastefully done) leopard accents!!

Let's talk mantle decor.....This was the BEFORE:
The mirror was perfect at Christmas time...elegant....BUT just looked kinda hokey with the fun colors in my V-day decor....
SO, all I had to do was switch it with another hanging frame (that was over the tv) and VIOLA!! It looks pulled together and I L O V E the colors!

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Julie W. said...

Hmmm....I hung up a heart shower curtain and put out some Valentine's Day towels in the kitchen and bathroom. That's about the extent. Can you come decorate my house too?! Nice work!