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Monday, October 1, 2012

A day in the life....

Snippets from the week....

Gorgeous Sunset Sky after volleyball

As I was working on a project this lil guy scurried by....I was worried he'd come into the garage BUT he just wanted to sun himself....

 This was one of the projects I was working on....a passerby asked "aren't those supposed to be orange?" I replied "NOT in my world..."

I have been fiend-ing a roast beef with mashed potatoes which seems simple, right?!?! NOT with my work schedule...SO I decided to try making it in the crock pot....

VOLIA!! It was good but not great....the beef was a lil dry and the potatoes a lil soft....I wish my crock pot had a timer (do they make those?)

Saturday I spent the day at my daughters volleyball conference...we tailgated in between games (SO AWESOME!! Thanks again Tollers for the RV..the girls totally enjoyed it) and may I say we placed FIRST!!!  Woot woot!! 

Took the kids to see Hotel Transylvania - SO CUTE!! I LOVED this movie!!

Bought hay from a local farmer in the dark!! The good 'ol honesty system (with a few modern days was screwed to the wagon...and locked shut)

Hay by moonlight!

What have YOU been up to?

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