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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday - DIY sweatshirt

I LOVE the look of off the shoulder sweatshirts BUT for some reason that look doesn't love me back!! SO Peek-a-boo shoulders I think would be JUST right.... Took the kids to the mall to spend their gift cards and had my eyes peeled for peek a boo shoulder sweatshirts (I ONLY wanted a sweatshirt, not a shirt, or a sweater - SWEATSHIRT so I could be casually chic). Granted I didn't get to a lot thru a lot of stores (we had plans to see Parental Guidance - SO CUTE - funny and a tear-jerker)....

While at Target I picked up this hooded sweatshirt from the Boys section (I wanted it fitted, long and only wanted to pay $5.00 in case my idea was a complete disaster)

So I grabbed my fabric scissors and cut away...when I realized I should've taken a BEFORE and after - So I took a midway and after!! 

While wearing the sweatshirt I used a white pencil to trace out the one side (a few inches over from my bra strap and down the length of my arm I wanted it to go) . I cut the one side and then used that piece as a template for the other side....

Whatcha think?!?!?

I've seen the cute sweater like this all over Pinterest BUT I don't sew....the sweatshirt material will wash up perfectly and not fray....lemme know if YOU try this! I'd love to see pics!! 

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