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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


WOW! The weeks are flying by!! I can't believe it's Wednesday again already!! Wednesdays are my FAVORITE days! Linkin up with Lindsey

 What I am wearing:
Scarf - Family Dollar
Skully T - Norma Kamali for Walmart (last year)
Leggings - Seven via Marshall's
Boots - Uggs
Bracelets - Assorted - Wal Mart, Ross, TJ Maxx

What I am wearing:
Black T-neck Sweater - Thrifted
Necklaces - Thrifted
Vest - SCARF (yep, it's a scarf!!! I will show you HOW soon) Family Dollar
Belt - Chicos
Jeggings - Chicos
Boots -Uggs

 What I am wearing:
Pink Cardi - Loft via the thrift
Chambray Button Down - Chicos
Blue / white stripe skirt - Macy's
Boots - Uggs
Bracelets - Asst

 The entire outfit was built around this necklace (ABOVE) that I purchased at JCP for $1.00 - it's an acrylic magenta scroll design - I HEART it!! (notice my pink MAC lipstick - inspired by Nicki Minaj {can we say LOVE her?!?!?} on American Idol)

Did a lil change up after work....all the same things EXCEPT the pants (leggings - seven via marshalls) and the cami (from Chicos)  is untucked WISH I had worn this look to work all day!!

 What I am wearing:
Leopard Jacket - Chicos
Lace Shirt - Old navy via the thrift
Brown Cami - Macy's
NEW monogram necklace (via Etsy) I have been wanting one of these FOREVER but was waiting to see what my last name would change to - I've decided to LIVE in now and just get it! (should've done that 2 years ago!)
Pearls - Vintage
Jeans - Chicos
Mary Janes - Macy's
(see my necklace?!??! I got the white acrylic)

 What I am wearing:
Jean Jacket - Walmart - SUPA old
Khaki flower 'pin' - Chicos
Brown Flower pin - Gift
Necklaces - Target, thrifted
T-Necl Sweater - Chicos
Belt - Ross
Black Slacks - JCP (OLD)
Mary Janes - Macy's

 AND LATER THAT the Roller Rink with my kids and my daughters friends - was SO FUN!
 What I am wearing:
Sweatshirt - Pink Victorias Secret via the thrift
Tank - Wal Mart
Jeans - Wal-Mart
Skates - Courtesy of the skating rink

What I am wearing:
Fur Vest - Macy's (last year)
Necklace - Macy's (this year)
Grey T-Neck Sweater - Chicos
Belt - Chicos
Skirt - Chicos
**What you don't see are my leggins under my skirt - It was 0 when I left**
Boots - Uggs

Can't wait to see what YOU wore!!

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HoagsandKisses said...

Love all these outfits! Can't believe you got that pretty magenta necklace for only $1.00... it makes the whole look and is my favorite color. Your hair looks amazing! That fur vest is fabulous... and a fun way to embrace the freezing weather. 0 degrees? Brr!!! Stay warm!