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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Try it Thursday

On Try it Thursday's I usually show you a project or maybe a recipe to give a try! TODAY I am challenging you to TRY SEEING SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY! New year, new visions!!

 (I made this glitter canvas this past summer - a gentle reminder to see things with NEW eyes! And while I made this, my daughter wanted to get in on the crafty action so she made her own version of a canvas)

That shelf in your home that has been decorated the same way for the past 6 months - mix it up - re-ararnge it OR add a lil pop of color! The recipe you've been dying to try BUT keep forgetting that one ingredient at the store - hop on line and see if there's a substitution! The project you have been putting off - what can you do to make it more manageable?!?! I took down my Christmas tree this past week and the space was SO empty and sad - the kids begged me to leave the tree up and make it a Valentine's tree (I really could've been easily persuaded to do this!) but instead I tried something CRAZY and out of the box (I will post that soon!!!).

ANYWAY, my version of see things with new eyes for today is SO SIMPLE!!

I KNOW, you're thinking a thrifted tank - big deal - what a surprise?!?!?! It wasn't actually the tank that I bought it for.....

IT was this FAB mini-bib style necklace....(the tank was actually pretty neat with grommets that the bib was threaded thru BUT there were stains). I couldn't MAKE this bib for cheaper (on this particular day all green tags were .99). The moral of my story - I saw this tank BUT really SAW the bib for its potential to dress up other shirts, etc!

What have YOU seen with new eyes?

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