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Saturday, February 2, 2013

A day in the life....

A day in the life is iphone snapshots from the week....CLEARLY this weeks them was food!! LOL

Zucchini Boats

While prepping the ingredients for french toast I noticed when I added the vanilla to the milk it made a star fish shape!! 

Saw heart shaped cinnamon rolls on Pinterst and thankfully I didn't read the recipe- she made hers from SCRATCH!! I just un rolled and re-shaped the ones that come in a can! LOL

Sunday Breakfast - plated. I LOVE crust on all my food (see the brown on the eggs - I always have to have that on my eggs) - EXCEPT the bacon-  I like that still oinking! 

Mom and Dad came out for the weekend - we made a turkey dinner - here mom was prepping the bread for the homemade stuffing! YUM-O!!

I sported PINK eyeshadow - yay or nay?!?!

WISE words from Pinterst....have y'all noticed anytime you have expectations things go to the sh*tter supa quick!?!?!?

Lasagna roll up (made from the left over zucchini boat filling and a few zucchini's)

Y U C K!!! We got snow - and I don't like it!! 70's where are YOU?!?!??!
What did YOU do this week!??!!

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Tamera Beardsley said...

Looks like a very yummy week at your house!