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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Wednesday has rolled up AGAIN!! Linkin up with Lindsey week brought varying looks! And yes, the idea is to photog OUT of the yoga pants BUT I took a pic in MINE!! Since it's a rarity that I wear them!!

 What I am wearing:
Sportin Pigtails under my hat!!
Palin Black bball cap - Walmart
Infinity Scarf - Family Dollar
Plaid Shirt - Seven
Leggings - Seven via Marhsalls
Boots - Uggs

 Makin the most of the snow!! And SUNSHINE!!
What I am wearing:
Pin - Chicos
Denim Jacket- Thirfted
Dress - Kohls
Boots - Coach
Took the kids sledding (they had a great time..until my lil guy slipped on the ice and hit his head...after the visit to the ER he is all clear!!)
What I am wearing:
Black Jacket - Walmart
Leggings - Seven via Marshalls
Boots - Coach


 What I am wearing:
Vest - Chicos
Necklace - Macy's
Black T-Neck Sweater - Thrifted
Jeans - Chicos
Black High Tops - Target
AREN'T these shoes HOTT?!?!?! I saw them at Target and was slightly unsure...BUT knew they'd be super cute with a skirt!! 

What I am wearing:
Scarf - Family Dollar
Vest - Thrifted and MADE over by yours truly 
Long Sleeve T - Target
Jeggings - Chicos
Boots - Aerosoles
Jewelry - Thrifted
(it started out life like this)

I cut the collar off...added the lace to the back (which is my favorite part)


The YOGA pant shot!!
What I am wearing:
Leopard T - Rue 21
Black Yoga Pants - Macy's

Off to see what y'all wore!! 

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Chandra said...

thanks for stopping by my blog today! *love* the black wedge kicks...a pair of those need to grace my closet soon;) happy love day!