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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A day in the life....

A day in the life are snapshots from the past week via my iphone....

Trip to Target - Haven't been in WEEKS, maybe even months! Cute lil bacon ice tray in the Dollar Spot!!

Kids and I had Chipotle for dinner....something I'd like to try once a week over summer break - eating out....Culvers is next on our list!

Got these cute lil Hedgehog nail brushes at the Dollar Spot at lil guy gets the red one (his nails get SO dirty in the summer) and I kept the turquoise one by the kitchen sink for me!

Went with my daughters band/chorus class to see Wicked in Madison Wisconsin....was GREAT!

My lil guy had a Boy Scouts fishing trip Saturday....

Arm Swag

What did YOU do this week?!?!

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