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Monday, June 10, 2013

MAKE IT MONDAY Chanel inspired Pearl Sunglasses

While flipping thru June's inStyle I spied these FAB Chanel pearl topped sunglasses....I KNEW in an instant with my LOVE of pearls I had to recreate the look on a shoestring budget...

So I gathered my supplies (pearls from the Dollar Spot at Michael's which were actually only a quarter - NOW I must tell you I bought these at least 3  months ago with NO particular project in mind BUT knew I would use them)

Picked up some sunglasses at the Dollar Tree (in the event the project was a flop I didn't want to ruin a good pair of glasses). I chose a classic style that didn't look Dollar Tree-esque...

TA-DA! Here my fabby McFab glasses are in all their glory!! I ADORE them!! 

I think they are a pretty good assimilation for less than $1.50!!!

The pearls already had adhesive backs, so I simply stuck them on the glasses (no measuring for me) at some point I will probably want to use an additional form of adhesive...but they've held up for 3 days including living in the bottom of my purse....

What is YOUR favorite Dollar Tree project?!?!

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LeTroy Cooke said...

Oh yeah....I want to do this! Super cute.