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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A day in the life...

My week in iphone pics....

Blinged out my radio buttons (you can read the post here

Gas prices in Chi*town-  HOLY MOTHA! How can anyone afford to drive there?!?!

GOt my outfits (accessories included) ready for my work week - too bad my lil photog was outta town to take my pics for some of them...

It's TRUE - there is a rainbow after the remember - chin up buttercup - when you're feeling down and weathering the storm - there is a rainbow - a silver lining (speaking of - I just saw Silver Linings Playbook the other day - FAB movie -I laughed, I cried...did you like it?)

Got a lil creative with my flowers this year - being on a budget will do that to ya!! I bought the hanging basket for 7.88 (knowing I would divid it in half) and the 6 pack of annuals for .99) When I do the deck reveal nxt week I'll show ya how my planters came out!

For all the DD lovers, there are now t-shirs to show your love - and that's a fact Jack! LOL! Is is wrong that I want one?!?!
 Remember a few posts ago I blogged about freezing salsa verde (ya know to extend it's usage since it was made from fresh ingredients?!?!) if not, read it here I took a few out of the freezer and added them to some shredded chicken for DELISH chicken tacos!
 Sporting a new hair cut -SHORT, Sassy, classy and a bit smart assy - just like me!!!
 My stack of reads the other day at Barnes and Noble...
What have YOU been  up to?!?!?!

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