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Friday, September 27, 2013

FLASH BACK FRIDAY Back to School Decor

PHEW y'all it's been a WHIRLWIND past few weeks - I can't even keep up with blogging!! SO be ready to be bombarded with posts!! I've decided to do a "Flashback Friday" post since I NEVER got to blog about Back to School decor...and I've moved on past that (Birthday decor and soon HALLOWEEN).
Back to School Pennant

Buffet decor (simple touches like a vase of pencils, owls, vintage thermos and lunch pail, flashcards and the beloved pink eraser)

 A collection of natures beauty only seemed appropriate and educational (see the empty cloche to the right - that had a petrified frog {I found in the garage - he must've gotten in and never out} BUT I had to remove the from because the kitty in the background was trying to knock the glass off to eat the frog!!

Again a few simple touches - green apples (faux) and a chalkboard dress up this vignette

AND did y'all get a chance to pick up some of these cute lil crayons?!?!
 Trophies are school themed right?!?! The only problem is everyone keeps asking if they are mine or my daughters - they are NEITHER!! I found them on the side of the road and took apart and painted!

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