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Friday, September 6, 2013


Sunday I went to Walmart to get some groceries, exchange a pair of shoes for my daughter and found some FAB deals!! A dolla makes you HOLLA!! All below pictures items were $1.00 / EACH. Tell me where else can you find a new shirt for $1.00?!?!? The navy was my FAVE- I like the mix of colors and with the mustard can easily transcend into fall...the pink is a sleeping tee (what the hell, for a dollar why not?!?!)

To show my purple pride at my daughters sporting events...

I don't usually do the dangly earrings BUT they do dress up an outfit, add pizazz when you aren't wearing a necklace and a SUPA fun with short hair! HOWEVER I do have a requirement - they can't be heavy. SO, I picked these up at walmart too....

BAM!! With my outfit do these look like Dolla earrings?!?!?

Keep your eyes peeled and keep being thrifty!!!

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