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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TRY IT TUESDAY....Recycled Trophy's

Isn't it INCREDIBLE that we sometimes put off the easiest things?!?! NO JOKE!! THI has been on my project to-do list for a year and 4 months - WTH!?!?! 

FOUND a buncha these bad birds on the curb one trash day (yes, i washed them in my bathtub...don't judge!! Don't have a wash tub and it was a rainy day when I FINALLY decided to get started)
 Realized I had to take them apart anyway to spray paint, so here they are drying before I could paint them (the drying took the LONGEST time...drying from washing, drying from painting)

Shot them each with a different color of paint (I am using the cream one for my daughters 14th B-day party...her theme is Volleyball Princess....the decor will be posted end of the month....I am making it all)

And VIOLA!!! 
Don't have any trophies laying around? Can't find any at your local thrift store, I'll sell ya mine! If you're interested message me for deets! What have YOU spray painted lately?!?!?

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