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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This has been ALL over Pinterest and various blogs....I'm just a lil late getting to the party!! Be warned...the "in process" pics aren't that good either!! You need an old t-shirt....Feel free to play with pattern and texture, a good pair of scissors and 5 minutes!! (Can you BELIEVE I went thrifting for an old t-shirt?!??!) I didn't think I had one laying around and then ALAS I remembered this shirt...

 (It was a bandeau style top from H&M that I was going to wear as a skirt BUT since it had the built in bra it didn't work as a skirt and was too big as a shirt) SO I figured I had nothing to lose! I cut the built in bra portion off...
 (Here's where I altered things...The instructions say to cut the hemmed portion - which seemed wrong and backwards, so I didn't - I cut strips into the raw edge)
 (It still worked BUT I think they would've held their square shape better had I cut the hemmed end up like the directions say....who was I to think I could re-make what's been done probably a MILLION times! LOL! Although since these strips are thinner and flexible they'd be cute with beads on them..maybe a future project)

TA-DA!! The after!! 

Now that I got my proverbial feet wet I was ready to tackle the .49 t-shirt I bought JUST for this project! It was grey, from the gap and now looks a lil something like this...

Have YOU tried your hand at the fringed t-shirt scarf?!?!? If so lemme know...maybe we can do a link up!

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