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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a GREAT deal!!! And y'all KNOW how much I LOVE #familydollar 
I ALWAYS find the best stuff there!! For example, one day I was there and the clearance was 75% off the clearance price.....

 SO, I got this #wetnwild lipstick for something ridiculous like .24!!! For that price IF I didn't like it I wasn't sad about losing a quarter!!! The funny part is later that week I was perusing through s magazine and spotted their suggestions for wine colored lipsticks.....all ranging from $9.00 - $36.00 (I would TOTALLY care if I bought one of those and it was not flattering on - that's 2 #starbucks coffee's after all!!!).

The color looked pretty close in the tube BUT I did a lil sample test to make sure....

And to say I LOVE the color would be an understatement!!! I think it's uber flattering on (I am NOT the girl who can wear red or frosts....). With a simple eye, THIS lipstick is all you need!!! 

And in case you're wondering what shade it's #blackorchid 508A

What's YOUR go-to shade for the holiday season?!?!

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