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Friday, December 4, 2015


ecIf you're anything like me you pin like a madwoman and sometimes don't get back to them....or forget what you pinned because you were a happy clicking pinner.....I KNOW I am going grocery shopping tomorrow, I know I want to make a few Christmas Cookies (because it's on my holiday bucket list of course) and I also know when I am organized I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER and in control!!! SO this morning as I saw the kids off to school and sipped on my cuppa java I did this....

Looked at my "recipe" #pinterest board and jotted down WHAT I wanted to try and the ingredients needed (I still need to go through my pantry and cross off the things I have BECAUSE as I was making the list I realized I may already have some of the items SO instead of buying doubles I can save a few dollars here and there - which is NECESSARY this time of year especially). 

After I had my ingredients and knew what I was going to buy I looked through my local sales ads and made my list....

A list helps keep you on track, makes the most efficient use of your time and money and well I LOVE lists!!

You can visit my #pinterest boards here to see more of what I have pinned BUT for now here's what I am shopping for

Cowboy Bark recipe found here

Southwest Pepper Jack Salad recipe here


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