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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


THIS is a loaded post filled with all my THIS YEAR secrets for trimming the tree!! (NOW if it weren't 17 days before Christmas I would've broken this into a few posts BUT dang Christmas snuck up on me....but that because I have Thanksgiving it's time to shine until Black Friday). ON with the post!!! 

I LOVE shopping the #salvationarmy I always find some great things there! For example....

The fun kitschy ornaments were new from Target (Last seasons) and I'm not sure I'd ordinarily choose them (BUT this year I am having a THANG for #nutcrackers) they're in my color scheme and I have a boy and a girl SO for .59 (from $4.00) each it seemed like a no brainer (they even would've made CAUTE package toppers). I knew I wanted to personalize them BUT knowing your skill wheel is important when trying to flawlessly execute a craft. So I turned to trusty stickers....

Made sure I had enough (those vowels ALWAYS go the quickest) and spelled out my lil's names....

 SO super-duper pleased with how they came out!!! 

This year trimming the tree has been a self imposed challenge....I wanted something DIFFERENT than I have done in past years, wanted the SAME color scheme (after trying red and realizing while I can admire it in other people's decor it just isn't for me - or my daughter) and wanting my ribbon to be non-traditonal but FABULOUS!!! I grabbed these at #dollartree 

Got some 3" wide black satin ribbon (from the clearance cut by yard.....when I was telling the cutter at #joann's what I was doing with the ribbon she said "you do know we sell "CHRISTMAS" ribbon right? I said yep....she was still shocked because she went on to ask "you don't like any of it?" I said nope, I"m kinda non-traditonal...and then the lady behind her chimed in that black ribbon was a different choice for a christmas tree but she was sure it would be beautiful....I think they all thought I had lost my mind). But not as much as my mom did when I sent her this picture and told her my tree was done! Her response was "you're kidding". I literally threw my "ribbon" purchases on the tree!!

I tried mixing the boas and ribbon - alternating and HATED the look. I KNEW I WANTED to use both and then a lightbulb went on....USE BOTH....the black ribbon facing the living room and the boas facing the kitchen (because of the open floor plan ALL sides of my tree are visible).

OH YES!! Now we're talking!!! ME ENCANTA!!! You may have noticed the paper chain in the above photo as well....that was a labor of love between me and my kiddos....(and it was on my holiday bucket list). I remember doing these in school as a kid...SO WHY not do them at home (and watching ELF may also have given a lil inspiration). SO I chose my color scheme, measured and pre-cut paper strips....

 And we went to town!!!

I did do BOTH sides with the paper chain (to add whimsy to the black satin side - which was uber hard to photograph).

I LOVE my tree this year!! It's EVERYTHING I wanted and TOTALLY embraces my personality!!! Leave me YOUR link so I can check out your tree!!!

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