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Monday, December 21, 2015


I am a SUCKER for bling*bling and the extras! The frosting - I EAT it, the glitter - I add it, the holiday style - I sport it, the jewelry - I layer niece calls me "Aunt Fancy" (except when I burp...then she says "Auntie that's not sound like Elf"). I was at the #dollartree recently with my mom (picking up last minute tissue paper and bows) and I can't help but wander....I found THESE....
(well actually my daughter found the top left ones and it was all downhill from there!!! I narrowed it down to these 3....the top left are fun for Valentine's Day OR Christmas if it wasn't already THIS WEEK, the candy cane stripes - a NO BRAINER!! And the grey with silver glitter stardust PERFECT for the New Year).

You may remember when I picked up this pink glitter a few weeks ago? (I was secretly trying to find red glitter BUT that's harder than you'd think...SO this pretty strawberry glitter made my day). 

I used it here OVER the green....

This time I wanted red to coordinate with the candy cane theme (yes, I know I said the candy canes were pink and they'll see)

VIOLA!!! Holiday mani "on fleek" (don't know WHY I used that - I hate that word!! LOL).

The pink glitter over the red gave it that "magenta pink" I was looking for!! If you're only using the nails as an accent nail it's about .08/nail....share with your mom, neighbor, friend, daughter (that's what we do!!). The glue doesn't come with the nails BUT you can pick up nail glue anywhere for under $3.00 (I LOVE the Kiss brand...strong enough to hold for about a week -  and that's doing dishes and housework and everything else you would normally do and doesn't damage the nail). 

Lemme know if YOU try these!!! #dollartree has some great things!!! (and I was NOT compensated for this post OR the products....BUT if The Dollar Tree wanted to send me a few vouchers that'd be cool too!!).

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