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Monday, December 7, 2015


I couldn't WAIT To do this fun holiday mani!! I was on the hunt for a red glitter (which is surprisingly harder to find that you would think). I found a FAB magenta pink (I usually loathe the color pink BUT I have been on a pink kick for about the last year - I am shocking the hell outta myself!!).

The green is #sinful San Francisco and the magenta glitter is #sallyhansen Complete Manicure Strawberry Shields...

Doesn't it look FUN and HAPPY?!?!? SO FESTIVE!!! 

It's coordinated with my purse AND the pink sweater in the pic above!! Oh and it just so happens to have been perfect timing for when he #putaringonit !!! 

What's your go-to holiday mani!?!?!?

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