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Monday, May 11, 2015


It's THAT time of year for us midwesterners!!! FLEA MARKET SEASON!!! WOOP WOOP!!! I love walking around gathering inspiration BUT I love more the hustle of selling there!!! This past weekend was the first flea of the season for me....#3frenchhensmarket in #morris Illinois. I spent a few weeks preparing ALL I have hunted and gathered....

My garage looked like THIS
(and that's one of the major reasons I hopped on the flea market train this season - I dodn't do one market last year)

Several layers of paint....

Mock display set-up (PERFECT day because it was windy)

 THIS is what my garage looks like during prep time!!!

Decisions, decisions....which color?!?!? 

I work best under pressure....bustin out things that have been on my to-do list for MONTHS

One day was "production day" and I was uber pleased with how everything came out!! 
L to R: Lace insert shutter (perfect to hang earrings), Heart of Rock N Roll Scrappy Flag and Gold glitter peace pillow covers

First step of the journey of a thousand miles....

We prayed HARD for no rain....God answered our prayers

The dog food canister and dishes (I went with the gold dishes - after I put them in there I kinda wanted to keep it for myself!!) sold within 15 minutes of opening

Silly poses are a must!!!

The princess and her empire....

Kickin back relaxing....

BECAUSE I know that the packing up is the hardest part!! 
My face says it all!! 

And I'm gearing up to do it again THIS weekend!!! 

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