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Sunday, May 24, 2015


A day late BUT it's a holiday weekend SO all bets off right?!?!? Here are a few snapshots of my week via my iphone....
(do YOU ever have those moments when you wish you had snapped a pic of something neat or fun or a future project?!??! I usually don't BUT sometimes I get too busy and just wanna finish the task at hand {like making the decorations for my son's birthday} and other times it may be embarrassing because you have to stop smack dab in the middle of a restaurant to take a pic of their GORG birdcage chandalier {as seen below} I DID carpe diem!!!} )

Interesting cloud striation 

Vended at the Pec Thing (COME AND SEE ME IN SEPT!!! I'll be back E-13)

My day off started with a morning cuppa coffee!! 

And after the coffee (and errands) I tackled this mess...couldn't even WALK in there....
(still can't walk thru BUT I imagine AFTER garbage day next week when I put the bags and boxes I cleaned out on the curb it should be better ). Some of that is treasures I picked up from various sales around town and others are things to be refurbished for Sept's Pec Thing!!

At the garage sales last week I got the fab metal flower sculpture and the guitara!!! I know the guitar doesn't quite fit with the theme BUT I think it would make FAB yard art or even cute inside....I just haven't decided where yet (I actually think i need a bigger house for all my stuff!!)

Finally got to try Greenfire in ROckford....I've heard FAB things about this place and it did NOT disappoint!!! Rustic chic decor in the birch privacy screen....

 and a FAB gorg birdcage chandalier (that they had JUST gotten in the previous week)
and the food! DELISH!!! American Bistro cuisine is how it's advertised...the Chicken tortellini Alfredo with bacon - TO DIE FOR.

What have YOU been up to this week?!??!

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