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Friday, October 2, 2015


I'm not quite sure tea qualifies as a food BUT we'll just go with that for today....mmmkay?!???! Several weeks ago I had a craving for something different than coffee BUT not soda....happened to be walking past Teavana and they were offering samples....It happened to be the Maharaja Chai that they were sampling hot (I thought this might be the bomb diggity iced and alas! I was right!! It was DEE-LISH!!!

So I KNEW I had to get on the tea wagon....Even my daughter is hooked....just the other day she asked me "can you make me some iced tea?!?!" and I had JUST been to #teavana that day! Our FAVE is the CocoaCaramel Sea Salt 

(and you NEED the sugar in the raw rocks - they MAKE the drink!!). 
 I went and bought myself the legit infuser (that you place over your cup and the tea strains right down into the cup and you can simply discard the used tea from the infuser - SO EASY!!!

ALL opinions are 100% MY OWN.....I have not been sponsored or paid or free sampled by teavana for this post (although I WOULDN'T MIND...hint*hint Teavana!!). Have a FAB FRIDAY!!!

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