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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I haven't linked up in awhile for a What I Wore Wednesday post and truth be told I have be that the store is closed, I am spending my time cleaning and organizing and packing.....tasks that aren't entirely conducive to dressing cute....BUT I do have one outfit to show y'all.....I am going to the pleated poppy to see if I can't scare up some inspiration!!

Those who live in the midwest KNOW it's been cold and rainy and, it's time for spring, no?

I was battling a cold last week and wanted to be comfy, warm and dress in layers (because I went from hot to cold and cold to hot)

I've had this dress (I also have one in a peacock color) for years....I have worn with dress pants and jeans BUT always feel like people are wondering when I am short, I feel like I look like a preggo! BUT I think my adding the cardi and buttoning in the right spot I have eliminated the guessing game?

I thought I'd be a lil clever and use NY as the background.....

Hopefully next week I'll have a lil somethin' more! I have a couple pieces of clothing that I have "remade" and will definetley be posting that next week!

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D said...

i happen to think its adorable.!!!