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Friday, May 6, 2011


Remember I posted these last week? Simple letters printed directly onto scrapbook paper?

And yesterday I posted the silver coasters I made into mini-chalk plaques....

And the pearl spheres? PEARLfect next to a vintage 1928 Tiffany & Co ad for pearls....

Got this last fall at a garage sale....this chick had the BEST stuff that she was literally GIVING away!
It was a cute lil architectural piece on it's own, right? BUT there was a lil hole in the top and the moment I spotted it I KNEW (who knew it would take 8 months to actually do it - gosh that's PITIFUL!!) I would put a wire in there to hold photos......

YEP! IT was only .25!! I told you, a STEAL!!
Or a vintage flashcard....aawww.....perfect for Mother's Day!! I made the wire holder simply by cutting (an already white) wire hanger, bending it around several times to form the loop and VIOLA!!

Here is my Mothers Day mantle.....

You will see I incorporated the elements I have made in the last week (and NONE of them cost a dime as I had the materials on hand already AND shopped the house for related items)

SEE the pearl spheres? And the architectural piece? The MOM frames? he best part of the decor - the pics of me and my babies!!

The other side has a pic of me and the kids and 2 mercury glass candlesticks with candles....

You'll notice the color palette is greys, creams and silvers.....that unites the display and it was all stuff I already had!!

Happy MOTHER'S DAY to all the mommas out there!!

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