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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lil 'Ol me.....

....was given this award.....

By my new bloggy bestie Babymama (don't ya LOVE her name?!?!? Makes me think of the funny Tina Fey movie every times I see it!!) Stop by and check her and her stylish lil bebe out!!

NOW, here's the fun part! I get to share 7 (my lucky number) FUN FACTS about moi!

1) It's all in the details.....whether it be party planning, dinner, birthdays or an outfit of the day for WIWW, I pay attention to the details....almost to a fault that drives all around me CRAZY!!
Yo-yo accents I made and stitched onto this tank.....
Cute lil details on a pair of leggings......
Black (LOVE) lacey decals on my toes-ies.....
Valentine's Day breakfast for my kidlets......

2) I LOVE picking up curbside "trash" and turning them into treasures

This lemonade stand started out life as a tv box (in case you don't believe me, see next pic)
Cardboard tv box being transformed into a lemonade stand with a lil paint and elbow grease!
See those brown 'typeset' shelves? Those are actually old work bench drawers I found on the curb on town trash day.
FAB crock with a crown (who doesn't LOVE being royalty?!?!) found during the same trip as the above drawers....
This particle board shelf, which I transformed into something FAB! (any idea what? The clue is on top of the shelf)

3) I LOATHE flower scented candles / perfumes and air freshners......only the real flower scent please

Pretty roses (LOVED muted corals and yellows) I picked up for $5.00 at wally world one white I added some cut coleous from the backyard)
Array of roses (pic from my girls weekend last fall in NYC)

4) Speaking of flowers, I HATE carnations!

5) I am addicted to texting

6) I ALWAYS have a bottle of water with me

7) I used to be embarassed to tell people I shopped at Goodwill or The Salvation Army...and now, I SHOUT it from the rooftops!!

Goodnite y'all!

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