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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's that time of the week again!! I am linking up with Lindsey here for What I Wore Wednesday!!

Here is yesterday's outfit (YES! It finally warmed up in the Midwest and BOY did it warm up - I mean seriously....90's? What happened to spring?)

Black Jacket - Express / Thrifted
Sequin Camo Tank - Deb 2010 $3.00
Shorts - (were pants) Target 2007
Sandals - Walmart 2007 $5.00
Camo studded cuff - Thrifted

I ran errands yesterday and got TONS of compliments on my tank (I guess people love a lil sparkle and camo!!)

My shorts started out like this.....I rarely wore these pants....they were in the donation pile and I decided I'd try and give them a new life by making them into cut-off's....

The curse of being 5'2" is that most pants are just too long (and I can't justify paying a tailor to alter as much as the pants cost )
Mother's Day (my mom and I go flower shopping every Mother's Day) the weather was perfect!

Black Boyfriend Cardi - Target 2008
Grey T-shirt - Wal-Mart $3.00
Jean Capri's - Lane Bryant 2010

NOW, here is a total What I TRIED to wear Wednesday.....I tried this on to wear to Maya's school event and I just didn't feel right....I wasn't even going to post this BUT wanted y'all to know it's ok to try new things and sometimes they might fail BUT ya never know until you try....

I ended up wearing another black dress.....

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retrohipmama said...

Cute shorts! I always cut my boys' pants into shorts but never have for my own pants. I am however, going to attempt to alter a pair of "too short" flares into skinnies. We'll see how it goes!
Great outfits... and thanks for popping over to She's Crafty!