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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stockholm Inn

I've hear about this restaurant but honestly not had any inclination to it's Sweedish food (which to me equates bland - I LOVE italian, mexican, greek) BUT I decided can't judge until I go myself....SO we went on Christmas morning....OMG, it was MAGICAL!! We pull up and here's the first things my eyes fall on....

 REAL LIVE reindeer on Christmas morning!!! With elf handlers! 

We went inside and Santa and Mrs. Claus were there to take photos with the kids (as you know, I rarely put pics of my kids here - some things are to remain private)...WOW - reindeers, santa - I was won over INSTANTLY!! 

I ordered the fresh squeezed strawberry orange juice - DELISH!! Tart and sweet and fresh! 

And just when I didn't think it could get any better - there were cute lil grandpa carolers....they gave my lil guy jingle bells to jingle along to their guitars and singing!! 

These last pics would seem weird to the rest of the world (BUT not us bloggers)....these were in the bathroom....

NO attention to detail was missed....I LOVE the  pop of red paint, the mural and the sweet light - these were in every stall....

In case you're wondering, I did not try the sweedish daughter ordered them and they looked too "raw" for me...I had the blueberry pancakes, a side of soft cooked bacon (which RAWKED!! It was thick and cooked to perfection).

When I looked up the restaurant before I wrote this post, I took tis from the website:

World famous people visit here
 Dinah Shore included our recipe in her famous cook book for Kaldolmar, after enjoying it during her visit to Rockford.  Mickey Rooney most recently stopped in for an order of “Swedes”, Dr. Timothy Johnsonof ABC …and of course; one of our investors, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick fame, is often seen here.

You can read more here

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