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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WIWW Holiday Edition

WOW Wednesday comes fast when there are holidays in between!! I am linking up with Lindsey


What I am wearing:
Grey T Neck Sweater - Chicos
Necklaces - Pearl; NY& CO, Tassle; vintage
Bracelets - Assorted
Belt - OLD from Old Navy
Kick Pleat Skirt - Thrifted
Black Tights- Macy's
** My photog was sick with the flu so my lil guy had to step in**

Sure is a lot of accessories!! I HEART accessories - they MAKE the outfit!! 

 Notice anything different?!?! LOL I have a stick on mustache (they were in the gumball machine at the store and looked fun - I got each of the kids one BUT the novelty wore off quick!! I was amused - clearly!!

What I am wearing:
Black infinity Scarf - Family Dollar?
Silver Sequin Shirt - Chicos
Jeans - Chicos
Bare feet - Courtesy of a pedi :)

(this is the day we celebrate Christmas in my family)

 What I am wearing:
Black T-Neck - Thrifted
Pearls - NY& CO
Skirt- Harajuku Mini
Shoes - Maurices

You read RIGHT y'all!! I am wearing a skirt from the Children's section at TARGET!! and I'm PROUD to say I am!! I saw it there and thought it would be perfect for Christmas eve since we were wearing black and white...I tried it on and fell in LOVE!!

I felt like a princess all day!! 

 You can't tell BUT my socks have snowflakes on them - that is what I am trying to show you in this pic!!

What I am wearing:
Pearl Necklace - Christmas Present from local boutique
Picnic Plaid Shirt - Men's section @ Macy's
Grey sweater w/pearl buttons - Thrifted
Braided belt with pearls - Thrifted
(are we noticing a theme here?!?!)
Jeans - Chicos
Sequin Boots - Uggs
 Arm Candy
Pearl Bracelets - Cheapy's
Blue Lapis Beads - TJ Maxx
Rhinestone - Ross
Vintage Pearl Ring - Kane County Flea Market

 What I am wearing:
Rosy Cheeks - from tanning (I KNOW I KNOW - bad for you...Im just going a lil to feel better - in moderation it's ok, right??!!)
Necklace - H&M
Fur Vest - JCP last year
Striped Button Down - Nine West via the thrift
Belt - Thrifted
Jeans - Chicos
Sequin Boots - Uggs

Can't wait to see what YOU guys wore!! What was YOUR favorite outfit?!?!

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TheTinyHeart said...

I love your sparkly top, it's so fun! You should wear it again for NYE :)

The Tiny Heart