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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


SO, I've had my smashbook for like a year and a half...and barely had anything in it (I had the pics on the left page in the first pic). I was scared to put anything down permanently...for fear or ruining the book or a really good piece of memorabilia - anyone else like that?!??! SO I was at my girls recently (oddly enough I turned her onto to smashing AND she's the smash queen - like seriously she has like 7 books and an organization system for washi tape - should've taken a pic of that). Anyway, after seeing how passionate she was about smashing and preserving her memories I decided I should delve into my book and JSUT DO IT!! 

SO, Sunday I sat a spell and worked in my book (I have decided the first book will be a "who is Janae...kinda from birth to now)...SO as I said above - I put those pics on the left side of the page back when I first got the book - it's my two favey memories - childhood and summer!! That awesome 1977 remember book I got from my childhood bestie years ago...I need some of those lil dividers that smash makes so I can attach it to the spirals

I dedicated a page to decor styles I find appealing and classic (I will be adding one of those divider thingy's here too)

Another page to handbag fashion....Coach and favey's

I remembered reading about a food Smashbook (thanks for the image Jen) and KNEW it'd be perfect for me since I like to photog my meals and save neat-o stuff from fancy schmancy joints....

I took the time to organize my memories that I don't have books for yet...(food stuff on the left and travel on the right) SO if smash wants to send me products to sample I'd have NO OBJECTIONS...wink *wink!
If you like to smash or scrap leave me a comment so I can check your stuff out - I LOVE new inspiration!!

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