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Thursday, April 18, 2013


I haven't been very good ay posting as of fact, I rarely get on line much anymore...and the truth is - I MISS y'all!! So I will try to be better....Today I am back with a "Try it Thursday" post...this is seemingly so simple and almost seems silly to post BUT it's something you WILL use and if you have the supplies on hand can do it 15 seconds! LOL!!

Here was my book case during the fall season (since which I have moved the mirror grouping on the wall)...see the "wish" canvas in the book case?!?!?

I am in the process of re-doing the bookcases for summer and had to move the wish canvas BUT didn't wanna put it away....and you see that blue dot in the photo below? That's an anchor from the previous owners...

SO I decided to use the Wish canvas to cover the anchor and STILL be able to display it....I simply stuck a vintage corsage pin into the wall (this works because it's new construction and chintzy walls and the canvas is light....decor with a lil baby hole!!)

Ta-da!! Here is the canvas hanging by the pearl headed pin....

Remember the before here?!?!? 

Now, lest you happen to have vintage pearl headed corsage pins hanging around, I happen to know where you can get some inexpensively....

Lemme know if you tried this...I'd love to dedicate a post to "things hung by pins"!!!

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