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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hi y'all!! I've been trying to be better about posting!! I have a TON of pics (EVERYTHING is a photo op!) and I was wracking my brain on a post until I went thru said photo roll!! LOL!!

 While driving to Target the other day (in the POURING rain) 

I drove past this lil cute table....I wasn't fixin to get out and scoop it up in the rain....

BUT I wished I had stopped to get it...after a lil retail therapy (actually just window shopping) 

and a toasty beverage 

I back tracked to the cute lil table on the curb and was able to scoop her up!! She needs a fresh coat of paint and the drawer missing SO I'm going to use a basket in place....I'll post a pic after she's all done up

I DID purchase these cookies....SO cute!! I knew if I waited until closer to Mother's Day they'd be gone....

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