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Saturday, August 31, 2013


A day in the life are snapshots from my iphone for the past week....

Back to School Nature Display (there was a petrified frog under the glass on the right BUT once the kitty discovered it I KNEW I had to put it away)
 Planner...."The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it...." I put inspiring quotes on all the pages inside my planner :) Some pages are decorated with stickers...otehrs are fulla to-do lists

Went to Target for the first time in like 2 MONTHS - WHAT?!?!?! I know. 
Target now carries Washi tape....
 I spied these FAB stools...LOVE the green, even the yellow and there's classic grey too..only 75.00 for the PAIR....
 Working on eating better (and trying to lose the pounds from the summer chip and ice cream binge)
Graham crackers schmeared with pb and topped with mini choc chips....and a cuppa coffee
 Worked on project life....

I am JUST getting started with PL (I know I am years behind! My girls bought me a starter kit for my b-day - thanks Lor and Jen).
Here I wrote the lyrics to God Bless America on the white stripes on the flag, added the glitter tape to the spine of the page....
 Got a bit scrappy with some tape, and rub ons....I love rub ons BUT ALWAYS have a problem with them.

Added some letter stickers, sequins and pearls....

Future stuff to smash or PL...from date nite :)

Project I will feature next week 

 Leopard and lime green toes....a nod to the end of summer...

While waiting for my daughter after practice I notice this dad....a tuxedo t-shirt, shorts and black cowboy was TOO good not to take a pic! He was being his daughters chauffer for her birthday - isn't that sweet?!?!
 And apparently it was parent dress up day that day at school....this is how I went to pick my daughter up....I forgot I even had the apron on (I was cooking right before I left)
 My back to school china hutch....LOVE the pop of green with the apples and the black and white...those FAB dishes are from Macy's a few years ago during Christmas

 Friday brought us a torrential downpour, high winds (my planters all blew over) and hail

Shopping for a mattress set...anyone have and REASONABLY priced suggestions? 
What have YOU been up to this week?!?!

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