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Thursday, October 31, 2013


I saw this idea here

and KNEW I had to make them!! I ALREADY had the mounting board (leopard paper and all) ready (a few years ago I was going to make those paper mache deer heads outta a water bottle and newspaper...the sad news is I got started but never finished)

Unfortunately I didn't have ANY sticks in my backyard BUT luckily it was trash day and I KNEW someone would have sticks int heir garbage!!!

I painted my sticks (first I used spray paint - that didn't take as well as I thought it would). I used a foam brush and .97 craft paint from Hob Lob. I didn't have staple for my staple gun SO I sued e600 glue to tack down my ribbon (as pictured below)

 and to affix the "Fauxantlers" I used the e600 again and strategically placed a few books on top (until my daughter walked by and knocked them which point I re-stacked them an let sit overnight).

VIOLA!!! My funky fauxantlers!! 

Thanks Jennifer for the awesome inspiration!! 

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