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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TRY IT TUESDAY Sports Bottle Party Favors

We recently celebrated my daughters 14th birthday with a sleepover with her besties. I am traditional and STILL like to give party favors...BUT I want it to be something age appropriate and something that will be used (last year I bought white pillow cases and they girls decorated them and signed them - they had a blast). This year the theme was "volleyball" SO I got the idea to get sports bottles and fill with the girls faves ....

 (I TRIED to purchase my bottles at Dollar Tree BUT after going to 3 different Dollar Tree's and only producing 3 bottles I KNEW I needed a "Plan B"...I happened to be at Family Dollar and SCORED these babies for .60/Each...CHEAPER than Dollar Tree and plentiful)
 I purchased these wall decal stickers at Dollar Tree to monogram the bottles (these were a good TEMPORARY's been a few weeks and my daughters is starting to peel - VINYL is the way to go BUT I don't have a cricut and I didn't have time to order them)

I got the girls faves: Iced coffee pouches, propel pouches, gum and assorted candies...
And here they are on display the night of the party (I made the paper flags and spray painted the trophy to coordinate with the Volleyball theme)...

What do YOU give for party favors?!?!?

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