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Friday, October 30, 2015


Fall is the PERFECT time for ANYTHING pumpkin!!! Do YOU pin stuff all throughout the year swearing you'll remember when the appropriate time of year rolls around?!?!? I do. And I just so happened to be perusing my recipe board looking for recipes (when you work full time you forget what it was to cook something from scratch - so you need a reminder). 

I gathered my ingredients (cinnamon, softened butta, honey, vanilla and pumpkin)
 you can find the recipe from the original link HERE

 While I was whippin my butta this lil fur baby was hoping something would fall to his feet...

I wanted my butta to look as pretty as the picture on the kitchen mccabe SO I stuffed it into my #pamperedchef frosting tube...
 and piped it into a glass jar....(which later I reloaded into the frosting tube and put into a plastic container BECAUSE I needed more room)

It wasn't as pretty SO we keep this picture!!! We had some the other night after dinner and my daughter LOVED it! SO you KNOW it's a hit when your teenager loves it!!

And speaking of pumpkin.....

Pumpkin Shake from #culvers

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