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Friday, October 23, 2015


I'm a SUCKER for anything VINTAGE....candy is NO exception!!! 
The packaging was so cute and vintage I couldn't resist...

I had heard this candy was on one of those #foodnetwork episodes so OF COURSE I had to try it!!! This is from Chase's website (they are the candy maker) : Chase Candy Company has been making fine candy since 1876, including Cherry Mash, America's favorite cherry candy bar! We use only the finest fresh ingredients and time-tested recipes to make most of our candy in small batches, the old-fashioned way. You'll taste the difference in all our nostalgic candies. Explore the links to the right to find Cherry Mash near you, buy all our classic candy online or hear more about Chase Candy Company and our wonderful fans!  Here's the link so YOU can learn more about Chase, Cherry Mash and all they have to offer

 It's a nice sized piece of sweetness.....

I LOVED the Chocolate crunchy outside BUT for me the cherry filling was too sweet (MAYBE with a cuppa coffee it would be perfect!!). Have YOU tried the Cherry Mash?!??! What did you think?!?!

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