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Saturday, October 3, 2015


#stevemadden #fringe sandals BRAND NEW from Salvation Army - TRUE STORY

Caught up on episodes on #dontbetardy.....Dear #Andycohen I want to be a #reality star!!! As my son says "you're not a housewife, you're not 600 pounds, you're not amish, you aren't a sister wife, you aren't transgender, you haven't been catfished, you're not tall, you're not little, you haven't had plastic surgery...." pretty observant for a 10 year old dontcha think?!?!? MAYBE it's time for REAL REALITY....follow me for a month #andycohen and I GURANTEE there are laughs to be had!!! Ratings to be gained and a REAL life story! SEE BELOW....

This is my work space AKA the kitchen separate office SO I work off my kitchen table....and clean up (or shove it to the end when it's meal time)
 Celebrated a SWEET 16 with a #glow theme...truth be told I couldn't have pulled off such great success without my sis - she came with an agenda, the ideas and over half the supplies!! Thanks Steph XOXO

 Bought a cute lil chiminea so we can sit in the driveway and make s'mores and hard apple cider!!

 Did the flea market (that's MY JAM y'all)

 Got a lil sweet 16 token for my birthday girl (the 16 pandora charm) which I'm sure was disappointing since she actually thought she was getting a car (truth be told IF I had the funds my baby girl would have a car)

Did some meal prep on a Sunday....tis true..."A Sunday well spent brings a week of content"....above is spaghetti sauce from SCRATCH.....I boiled down farm fresh tomatoes for my "famous" sauce.

What have YOU been up to?!?!?

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