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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cheers To A Spook-tacular Fall

I usually wait until October 1st to decorate for Halloween BUT after being at my girlfriends house Sunday and seeing her Halloween decor up I was inspired to get a jumpstart! (and my lil guy asked if I was going to put up halloween stuff while he was at school - how could I not?!?!?). My decor style has evolved over the years....I used to do the cutesy pumpkins and costumed bears, etc BUT in recent years I have gone more the Martha Stewart way in creating my own decor and just accentuating what I already have. Case in point are the kids silhouettes.....

The ONLY things added were the spooky cheesecloth and giant spider!

To the candles I have on display in the dining room I added the black wire bats......

The window usually hangs on the wall as well.....(I added the shelf yesterday for the soul purpose of putting up the poison (which are various wine and liquor bottles {that I may or may not have drank} embellished with poison labels purchased form the Dollar Tree and downloaded by moi).
Alright, so I kept a lil but of "Happy" Halloween to adorn the kitchen window (it's for the kids)

Remember my granny smith apple green wreath I use for Back To School decor? I simply added to large spiders and I can keep it up another month!
That's all I have for today...the camera died! MORE to come another day!

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