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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hello my name is Janae and I am addicted to the thrift stores! There is just something about the "thrill of the hunt" that keeps me coming back.....when blog surfing, reading magazines or watching tv I am ALWAYS keeping my eyes peeled for new to me interesting decor items, jewelry, clothes, etc. Fortunately / Unfortunately there are 2 thrift stores less than 3 miles from my that means LOTSA treasures! Maybe Thrifty Tuesday will be a regular post! FOr todays post I am highlighting 2 "groups" of items found on various thrifting trips within the last few weeks......

Lets start with the purses shall we?

From left top: Cork clutch / shoulder bag, gold croc print, grey snakeskin clutch and the "lil black bag"
This gold one opens to extend 2x the length OR can be used as shown when snapped together -bag features brown lucite handles and is vintage - FAB for day or evening! Was a STEAL at .90!
This lil cork number can be used as a clutch or shoulder bag when using the gold chain. How FAB would this bag look for summer with a pair of cork wedges? (granted I won't be able to use for the next 9 months BUT I will have it when summer returns. That is one of the HUGE hints for buying ANYTHING on a off season when you can). Price : $1.90
The lil black bag is PERFECT for those special occasions! The frame is silver and has a cute lil closure. How cute would this be with a flower or vintage pin tacked on? Price: .90
This by far is my FAVE of all the purses! Grey snakeskin clutch (that has a wrist strap tucked inside). Coach is currently carrying THIS .....

FAB python wristlet! Coach price : $198.00. While they are not exact, they are a lil bit similar and mine cost .45 . I will take a chance on .45 vs. $198.00! Although momma LOVES her some Coach.....and I do mean L O V E!

The next category in spin the wheel of thrift is books.....

I have divided them into categories......

L to R: THe oxford Dictionary of Quotations (Which I am planning to use as wallpaper in my craft room), The Winston Dictionary For Schools, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language - these will come in handy for artsy projects!
This FAB owl graphic is actually a book of birds BUT will make a great fall / halloween decor item.
Speaking of Halloween, these will be on display during this spooktacular time of year! "Hannibal" and "Midnight of the garden of good and evil".
Biographies: L to R

On the Couch - Lorraine Braco
T.R. The Last Romantic - Teddy Roosevelt
The Way You Wear Your Hat - Frank Sinatra
(there is just something so romantic about the Frank Sinatra era)...Can't wait for a rainy day to dig into these!
L to R: English in action (again good graphics and words for future projects), Simple Abundance A daybook of Comfort and Joy and Rainy Day - lil pick me ups for when you're feeling blue.
I got all these for $6.00! I'd love to see all YOUR thrifty finds! Leave me your link! Have a GREAT day!

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