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Thursday, September 15, 2011

FALL-ing For you....

Is Colbie Calliat stuck in your head now too?!?! I LOVE fall, it has become one of my fave-y seasons! The cool crisp air means its time to pull these baby's back out......

Ugg's Bellvue II.....LOVE them! They look bad a$$ with a skirt, jeans and I should try them with shorts!!

Fall means pulling out those warm comfy sweaters that envelop you, pumpkin scented candles, pumpkin bread, chili on a sunday watching football, leaves changing, snuggling and DECORATING!!! I haven't really gotten much out in the way of fall decor as my daughters birthday party is next weekend and she's going with a tropical theme SO I will (patiently) wait. I did pick a lil somethin'-somethin' up while thrifting.....can you spot what it might be? In relation to fall?

It's the squirrel tryin' to get a nut (so move your butt to the dance floor hands up in the air - name that tune.....Everybody Dance Now!!). Isn't he ADORABLE?!?! I love that he is silver (and utilitarian....he really is a nut cracker! I found his half shelled walnut in our front yard...probably part of some real squirrely business).
He was a STEAL at .99!!
Speaking of thrifting, I picked this jar up the other day! I planned to put the new for the season Chips A'Hoy scary cookies BUT when I washed it I noticed there was a lil chip in the edge of the jar - not safe for lil hands (OR exposed food).
However I was determined to use the jar.....I put Lil' Debbie's Fall snack cakes in there (*after I taped over the chip in the glass - that way lil hands and food are protected).
See why I needed to use the jar!?!? It looks so fallish and happy with the others! hhhmmm. note to self: Fill large jar with scary cookies!
The return of fall also means the return of a beloved beverage of mine.....

Momma ♥'s her some Starbucks!

Have y'all tried the Extra Dessert (spelled with two s's because you always want double of dessert not desert) gums? They are pretty fab! I love the Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, the Strawberry Shortcake and my new fave for fall......

Apple Pie!! Can we say genius? Brilliant? FABULOUS! and only 5 calories per piece! I know it sounds crazy - how can gum taste like apple pie? But trust me, it does! Run out and get a pack today! Ok gals, off to work on some wreaths for my front doors! Ciao!

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