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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It's Wednesday so that means it's time to link up to WIWW with Lindsey
HOWEVER, I must preface this post by saying this was a TOTAL FAIL.....both outfits are from this morning and I didn't wear either once I saw how they looked. I am in a real clothing slump these days.....

White Ralph Lauren Button Down
Peacock Ann Taylor Vest
Black Seven Leggings
Leopard Rain Boots

I hated how you can see the white of the shirt thru the vest because the fabric on the shirt was too thick and the sweater too thin (this sweater looks best with a lightweight T). So I changed....
Outfit 2

Black Boyfriend Cardi (that I seem to wear every week BECAUSE it's SO COMFY)
Grey Boyfriend T
Seven Black Leggings (same as previous outfit)
Leopard Rain Boots (same as previous outfit)

AND STILL I wasn't I took off the sweater and threw on my black fleece jacket and called it a day! I SO NEED to LOOK at what y'all wore so I can get some inspiration!

I do have a fun nailpolish linky I found to share with y'all.......

While blog surfing at Ali-Grace I found this really fun take on using crackle.....I couldn't wait to try it out as in I am going to try it at 9:30pm while watching the Playboy Club (speaking of, is anybody else watching? Thoughts?). I just swiped some black crackle over my (much needed to re-do) pink and LOVED the affect! Ali's are the black and teal with the bling (her's look AWESOME!!!) and mine are the pink and black.....


Karen said...

I love the nails! I keep wanting to try that crackle! It looks great!

Sharde said...

well even though you weren't too happy with your outfits- i think that they looked good on you! the nail thingy looks awesome though! i like it alot! i might have to try that. i havent been a fan of the crackle before, but i never thought of a crackle french :) good idea!

sharde @ the style projects