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Friday, September 16, 2011


Ok, not really! I am in L O V E! With my fab silver tree stump side table!

Remember I tried selling her back here? At Kane County in July.....all the women oohhed and aahhhed and all their men shot down "$25.00 kindling". Sorry boys that y'all didn't see the potential in this fab lil lady! (I secretly was happy because I wanted to keep her)

See how happy she looks? This lil vignette was born from left over flea market finds that didn't sell and my NEED to fill an empty space!

When we moved in 2 months ago THIS is what that same window looked like.....canary yellow (the stuff wasn't ours, it was the previous tenants)

SO after scrubbing it all down with bleach, and painting a pretty silver grey, we were left with this empty spot (I still need to paint this trim)

I KNEW the stump would've perfect in the living started in the corner BUT wasn't being showcased, so I moved her out to the center.....

My guy suggested adding wheels - BRILLIANT!!!
Of course I happened to have some on hand! That I picked up at the Salvation Army one day (they were marked $2.99). I KNEW one day I would have a use for them! This theory doesn't support trying to be financially sound....

TA-DA!!! Her she is ready to move!
Wheels on, accessorized and FAB!!!

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the poor sophisticate said...

Love it! Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing :) Excited to be your newest follower.